How to check the network connection between two computers?

In cases where Splashtop Client fails to connect to a target Streamer, the first thing we should check is whether the network connection is blocked between:

  1. Splashtop Client and Splashtop Gateway
  2. Splashtop Client and Splashtop Streamer
  3. Splashtop Streamer and Splashtop Gateway

If Splashtop Gateway is deployed in cloud, we should also check the connection between Splashtop Client/Streamer and Splashtop Gateway/Relay/Database servers.

We can simply use the Ping and Telnet command to check the network connection between two computers/servers.

Testing Network connection

Ping: You can test if a network connection exists by pinging the other computer.

  • Open a command prompt
    • Type “ping IP_of_Target_Computer” and press enter.

Telnet: You should also test the connection using telnet as this allows you to specify the TCP port.

  • Open a command prompt
  • Type in "telnet IP_of_Target_Computer PORT" and press enter.
    • For example, we would type “telnet 443
  • If a blank screen appears then the port is open, and the test is successful.
  • If you receive a connecting... message or an error message then something is blocking that port.  It could be the Windows firewall, a third party firewall like Norton's or a hardware firewall between the PCs.

What a successful test will tell you:

  • If you can both ping and telnet to the other computer, this shows that there is a network connection and the port is open between the two computers.

What to do if you had problems during this test:

  • Verify the computers are physically connected to the network.
  • Check whether there is a firewall between the two computers.
  • Use IP address instead of hostname because hostname may not be resolved.
  • Some domains block telnet and ping as a security measure, and this test will not work in all cases.
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