What version of Splashtop Enterprise I'm using?

As striving to be an innovative company, we would like to  provide best of our on-premise remote access / remote support product to our customers, like you!

Splashtop Enterprise v3

After 5 years of Splashtop Enterprise was initially introduced to our customers, we would like to bring our latest remote access / remote support technologies to our customers, thus, we created new generation of Splashtop Enterprise, as known as Splashtop Enterprise v3, now, it's publicly available to all our customers. 

Here are the bullets of new improvements on Splashtop Enterprise v3:


Splashtop Enterprise v2 (Legacy)

Splashtop Enterprise v2 is the legacy remote access / remote support product, if you are looking for support articles on this version, please refer to this section

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