Introduction to Software Components

The software component page in Gateway's system page allows system admin to manage the software components. 


System admin can configure the following software components: 

  • Splashtop Streamer: Software needs to be installed and running on the remote device you would like to access to. It streams audio and video to the client device.
  • SOS: The application running on the target device that user would like to have an on-demand support, it will show a 9-digit session code that allows technician to remote in for support. 
  • Splashtop Enterprise Client: Application makes it possible to establish remote sessions between local device and the target remote device running Splashtop Streamer or Splashtop SOS.


System admin can do the following operations in this page:

  • Import new version of software components
  • Set software components as active / inactive
  • Remove software components
  • Customize software components (coming soon)
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