This is a quick introduction into the chat function in Splashtop Enterprise. This feature facilitates the communication between the local support and the end user in a remote support session.

  • Off-session Chat
  • On-session Chat
  • Chat Session Logs

* The chat function is only available in Windows and Mac computers.


Off-session Chat

A chat session can be started without establishing a remote control session.

In Splashtop Enterprise client, click on the Chat button to start chatting to the corresponding end user.


And end user, if logged in, will see a pop-up chat window, where he can reply the message. At the bottom of the window, click on the button to save chat history when the session ends.



On-session Chat

An on-session chat is available during a remote control session. At the menu bar, key in the words and press Enter button to send. Similarly, you can also save the chat history.



Chat Session Logs

Splashtop Enterprise logs the chat sessions (but not chat history) automatically. The chat log can be found under Logs menu in Splashtop Enterprise Gateway web portal.


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