Upgrade Splashtop Enterprise Gateway

Splashtop Enterprise Gateway upgrade is simple, smooth and straightforward. It can easily be achieved by directly running the installer, without the hassle of configuring the license and system environment.

To upgrade the Splashtop Enterprise Gateway, follow the steps below:

  • Download the installer
  • Execute the installer
  • Start the service


Download the installer

The latest official release of Splashtop Enterprise Gateway can be downloaded from our support portal, or click the link below:


Download Splashtop Enterprise Gateway

Save the MSI format installer file in the machine where Splashtop Enterprise Gateway is installed.


Execute the installer

Log into the server machine as an administrator if possible. It is always advised to use an Administrator account to run the installer.

Browse to the folder where the MSI installer file is saved, and double click the file to initiate the upgrade process.


A setup wizard will be launched to guide you through the upgrade. Follow the instructions as usual, read and accept the terms in the License Agreement.

It is recommended to install the Gateway in the same folder as the earlier version so that the system configuration can be inherited. Otherwise, you will lose the existing Gateway configuration.


Once you click mceclip1.png button, the installer will start upgrading by overwriting the old files. The upgrade usually takes less than a minute.


Start the Gateway service

Click Launch Splashtop Enterprise Gateway Web Portal.

In case of failing to open the portal, it is likely caused by the Gateway service. Click Start Splashtop Enterprise Gateway Service to start it.



Now you are ready to log into Splashtop Enterprise management console using an Administrator account. Old configuration from previous version, such as Users, Computers, Groups, License and System Configuration, should all be retained and can be managed in the console.


Log in to your account and enjoy remote controlling!

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